Newspaper Clippings - Turtleboy Awards

Worcester, MA - March 11, 2006:

Thank you to all you Plainfolkies out there who took the time to submit your vote for us to the Worcester Magazine Music Awards.  The masses have spoken!  Plainfolk is the winner of the write-in vote in the Roots/Country/Folk category. The power of the people.


And the winner is ....


The 2006 Turtle Boy Music Awards Winners

For our first official music poll, The Worcester Magazine Turtle Boy Music Awards, we didn’t know what to expect. We took the approach seriously and tried to make it as comprehensive and fair as possible. When the ballot went up, the negative contingency had their words, but they were brief and short-lived.

Tabulating the write-ins in each category was grueling. From the process, we learned a few things: Trebek, The Rectangle Club, Craig and CJ/DJ have a ton of eager fans. And whoever was the very first person to log in to vote really loves Craig Rawding. He was at the top of the write-in lists for everything from best metal act to favorite MC. Someone took to writing “I don’t &^%$&” know” for every answer. Another common one was “I do not feel qualified to answer.” Seems it would have been quicker to skip it.

Nonetheless, exactly 2,275 voted in the poll. A work in progress, we hope to find even better ways to make this one of the most credible music polls around. We welcome the feedback (that we have received and that is to come), and will see you all at the event to celebrate the winners — April 6-8 at Tammany Hall, The Lucky Dog and Ralph’s — details to come.

Please look for our music issue on April 6, which will include features on some of our winners.


First Place — The Bee's Knees (42.8%)

Second Place — Chuck and Mud (13%)

Third Place — TIE -- Dave Pike and The Good Ole Boys and Lucky Parker (10.2% each)

Winner of the write-in vote: Plainfolk