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Jan 15, 2004 Edition of Worcester Magazine

It’s all about the music

Recalling other places to feel groovy in the 1970s
By Bill Brown

As a near-50-year-old growing up in Worcester all my life, and being a significant part of the Worcester music scene through half of the ’70s, I found Brian Goslow’s recent cover story most enjoyable and full of flashbacks and great memories (WM, “Feelin’ groovy,” Jan. 15). Enough memories, in fact, to prompt me to write and fill you in on some of the other names and places. These had just as significant an impact on the Worcester music scene of the ’70s, if not more so — at least from observing the crowds at each one of these places when I either went there for a beer or to play my six-string Stratocaster.

...On the outskirts of town you had places like The Fuzzy Grape in Webster, before it was a strip joint. You had The Banjo Pub in Sturbridge, a real hot sing-along place where a lot of us college-age folk would venture. We’d watch Mike Fura’s band — they’d eventually get us standing on the picnic tables — just like we used to do with a lot of bands like Plainfolk and other local single acts like Jim Perry, when they used to play at The Tipperary Pub down on Millbury Street...