Last Waltz at Enfield Lyrics

Last Waltz at Enfield: April 27, 1938

© Charlie Ball


last waltz

“Come” said the Firemen “Come to the Ball”
It’s a final farewell at the Enfield Town Hall
We’ll stand in good company with the clock on the wall
For the last time, for the last dance, for the last waltz of all

1) There’s news out of Boston, we’ve heard it before
They’ve run low on water and they’re looking for more
They’ve decided to build a grand reservoir
And the only question is “where?”

2) Now the Swift River Valley has come into view
And the worst of the rumors turns out to be true
For the contour is right and the people are few
So they’re building the reservoir there

Chorus (so come…..)

3) Oh they’ve surveyed the valley and drawn up a list
The plans have been filed and its come down to this
Four valley towns will no longer exist
Just as though they’d never been there

4) Now it’s Prescott and Dana that are scheduled to go
And it’s Greenwich and Enfield that are listed also
All the townfolk must leave so the water may flow
And carry the living elsewhere

Chorus (so come…)

5) Oh it’s painful to see what the towns have become
As they move to the pace of a funeral drum
And the unspoken question “Hey where are you from?”
weighs heavy on everyone there

6) Now all is adjourned and forever closed down
Tomorrow’s packed up and it’s pulled out of town
Unable to change, unwilling to drown
And needing to settle somewhere

7) There were fine satin gowns, there were new worsted wools
The hall and the hearts and the dance cards were full
For none could resist the slow, steady pull
Of the last time, of the last dance, of the last waltz of all
For the last time, for the last dance, for the last waltz of all