Old Stone Walls Lyrics

Old Stone Walls

© Charlie Ball

old stone walls

1) Along the country roads they run and through the woodlands deep
Crossing fields and pastures their silent counsel keep
But each one tells a story for each was built by hand
The lasting mark of settlers to this land

The old stone walls
The old stone walls
Sum of human labors
Good fences and good neighbors...
Were the old stonewalls
Old stone walls

2) Each farmer was a prophet bearing witness through his toil
And each one as a sinner found redemption in the soil
Each spring a wicked harvest stones heaved up from below
A metaphoric struggle long ago


3) Once each wall was a boundary and each a new frontier
One stone upon another set by humble engineers
What we see as poetry was purpose row on row
All in the name of progress hard and slow


4) They are whispers from the landscape, they are dignity and grace
The passing years have left to them the mysteries of place
In forests grown around them they are sentinels of stone
Remnants of an age they stand alone